In most cases, customer experience surveys are too long. VirtuaTell has been a major campaigner to keep them short, using their KISKIS message – Keep it simple, keep it short.

So, why should we adopt the KISKIS methodology?


Survey response rates are falling fast

Due to overly long surveys designed by committees and a feeling by the public of just being asked to complete too many of them, customer experience (CX) feedback rates are dropping. VirtuaTell use the KISKIS methodology, as well as AI technology such as our CXBot® and Survey DataFuse® solutions, to make surveys short, relevant and pertinent surveys to the event we are measuring. As it becomes increasingly difficult to get your voice heard above the fray, it becomes even more important to adopt the KISKIS method – before your CX feedback audience vanishes before your eyes.

Survey abandonment rates are rising too

Do you measure how many of your survey respondents start your survey but never finish? Probably not, as most survey solutions cannot measure the results until the survey complete button is pressed. You need to measure part completion and non-completion rates to check where your customers give up on you – and do something about it!

Customers are suffering with ‘survey fatigue’

As the CEO of VirtuaTell, Alan Weaser personally tries to complete ALL surveys that arrive on his desk. Just to show how bad most surveys are, he can confirm that he only manages to complete about 10% of them because even Alan – who has an incentive to complete the survey – runs out of time in doing so.

If your customer base trusts that you use KISKIS, and your feedback requests are short, relevant and acted upon, you can practically guarantee that they will complete your surveys rather than others.

Virtuatell graphic of quick surveyCustomers are time-poor

Most of your audience only has time to answer 4 or 5 questions – occasionally more, if you are using context-branching to specific, relevant sub-questions. If you adopt the KISKIS method, you can always go back to them later and ask relevant questions relating to their answers. Far better to get 20 questions answered in 4 surveys over an 8-week period than answers from 10% of your audience and only irritate the remaining 90%.

Your audience is not who you think it is!

If customers run out of time or consider you have too many questions, they will either abandon your survey or they will fast-forward their completion, picking anything that they can click-on quickly. It is proven that the longer the survey, the less care respondents take in answering accurately and over-long surveys suffer greatly with this. In turn, that means that the feedback you get is only from the time-rich and detractors, so will almost all consist of the retired or the disgruntled.

Most survey questions are irrelevant

At VirtuaTell, we make a huge effort to ensure that our survey questions relate 100% to the customer and the recent event we are measuring, by using our CXBot® technology. CXBot® drives the next generation of CX feedback, using artificial intelligence to pick the correct questions and survey channel to use for each customer. Unless you are doing that, you risk your questions being irrelevant, your customer caring less about how they answer, and your results being biased and misleading.

Validation of KISKIS

In 2009, research conducted by Galesic and Bosnjac showed that a survey three times longer had a drop-out rate of over 31%. Today we see drop-out rates of nearly 75% with some audiences. Further research by Inna Burdein also found that the perception length of a survey is almost always longer than reality, so a 5-minute survey was perceived as being 7 minutes long – further reason to KISKIS (Keep it simple, keep it short). With some survey companies suggesting a 15-minute survey is acceptable, it is unsurprising that some clients are led to believe that the customers are willing and able to do their customer satisfaction research work for them!

For further information about VirtuaTell’s automated surveys and how we can create one for your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.