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Innovative CX feedback via SMS text surveys for your time poor and mobile population
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Mobile technology is more popular and prevalent than ever, with the population reportedly checking their phones every 12 minutes! In today’s increasingly mobile climate, conducting SMS text message surveys allows you to engage with a time poor population in a way that works for them, meaning you can reach out to harder to reach demographics and collect valuable, high quality data that will enhance your business.

Hear the Voice of the Customer® loud and clear!

  • Proven to optimise response rates due to its quick and simple features
  • Customers opinions can change quickly so capture instant responses in real time
  • Interact with your customers in a way that works for them
  • User-friendly medium to boost customer engagement
  • Obtain better quality feedback
  • Reach out to the digitally focussed customers
  • Eliminate delay between event and survey
  • Fit in easily with your customers lifestyle and agenda
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SMS surveys in real time

Using an SMS text message survey allows you to collect customer feedback in real time. This not only eliminates any delay between event and survey, but it also means that you can uncover and act upon any negative feedback instantly, boosting customer retention.

All survey channel results in one portal

With all your survey results in one portal, it’s quick and easy to view, analyse and compare data from across your survey channels with real time alerts and charts. Everything you need in one, easy to navigate place.
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Merge data with results

With the capacity to view and compare results according to brand, product, value, customer demographic and more, you’ll be able to obtain a comprehensive insight and monitor your performance at every stage of the customer journey.

Tier 1 suppliers

All of our SMS survey messages are sent directly to your customers – we don’t use third party or blended routes. This improves response rates and helps to build a strong customer relationship.