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In this systematically technical expanse of the 21st century ‘on-click’ world, call centers have boomed more than our imagination could ever surpass. However, the advancement towards an unimaginable mobile and time poor customer base has caused huge challenges for the customer satisfaction industry. So what are the advantages of SMS CX feedback surveys?

VirtuaTell recognised early, the trend and has offered mobile surveys in a number of innovative forms for some time, alongside all the other omnichannel Synaptum® CX feedback channels.  These innovative CX feedback collection options also integrate with the real-time and data events available via databases and CRM systems, as well as solutions such as Genesys and Salesforce to deliver to customers best-of-breed feedback survey methodologies.

In fast-paced situations which are critical to customer time, we cannot afford to jeopardise the business relationship that has already been established with them. With the omnichannel capability of the market leading Synaptum® CX Feedback suite from VirtuaTell, we are capable of using real-time events combined with personalised customer data to trigger a real-time, relevant and fast survey invitation via any channel, including SMS/Text. How does that work?

Image of someone taking a mobile surveyFollowing the customer contact or customer journey event, relevant data is passed to Synaptum® detailing event and customer details, together with any other available data that is used to drive the Synaptum® CXBot® to trigger the survey invitation immediately.  In this case, an invitation is via an SMS as we know the customer has a cellphone and either prefers that method or called using that device.  In addition, if we know this customer has a smartphone, they are offered both a short survey using SMS, plus an option for an attractive, responsive and relevant online survey, using their customer data to personalize the script. In addition, data such as product code, Customer ID, brand, queue time, can all be used to drive the script itself. The results are then collected and appear in the Synaptum® Reporting Suite, alongside that customer metadata, that can also be used to filter the view of results, for powerful, deep insight.

How can VirtuaTell help?

We want you to help you by taking advantage of the VirtuaTell SMS CX feedback surveys. As we are omnichannel, we can even combine the text message with other channels. With an SMS-only survey consisting of just one or two questions, convenience and speed are two key attributes. However, for extended surveys, we send an SMS message asking a customer if they are willing to undertake a survey. However, we can inform them in advance that if they accept our request, we can call them back immediately for a fast telephone-based survey or offer a “Messenger” style survey via their browser.

In addition, we can even collect customer complaint details and deliver real-time alerts to a Triage team or whoever is required to be alerted, seconds after the survey, to proactively help you convert them to a satisfied customer – proven to create an 11% higher probability of them re-purchasing.

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