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While there are a number of businesses who specialise in generating, collecting and analysing customer feedback, we believe we’re the best in the industry and are willing to show you why. If you’re thinking of working with NICE Satmetrix, we want to take a moment of your time to tell you how VirtuaTell can provide a superior alternative to NICE satmetrix.

While NICE Satmetrix have experience in a number of areas, most prominently with Net Promoter Score (NPS) tools and with pre-built templates, this has also resulted in them developing a particularly narrow focus when it comes to setting up customer feedback channels.

Whereas we at VIRTUATell have worked hard to develop a truly omni-channel survey system that utilises a variety of tools, NICE Satmetrix have a limited approach that revolves almost entirely around NPS. At VirtuaTell, we believe diversity is key to accurate information and employ a number of alternatives to NPS, including Advocacy Index® and Customer Effort scores, providing our clients with more than one insight.

According to web-based feedback sites, the NICE Satmetrix product can also be difficult for clients to get their heads round, and is not particularly user friendly. For this, and a number of other reasons, it suffered from poor product release testing results. Its responsive surveys allow users to look at survey results in numerous different ways, but these cannot be viewed in real time and are not conducive to complex analysis.

NICE Satmetrix could be considered expensive, whereas as a great alternative, VirtuaTell try to minimise the cost to their clients by giving them the tools to work by themselves in the future. It’s also worth noting that, while VirtuaTell are a trusted and reliable organisation, Satmetrix face an unsure future under new owners.

At VirtuaTell, we’re an experienced business who understand how to provide a user-friendly experience, who maintain our own team of dedicated insight experts, and who have shown our expertise in the Voice of the Customer® process by becoming owner of the trademark. We’re here to help you, whenever you’re ready.

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