Our CX feedback suite and insight team merges feedback results and customer knowledge to uncover CX insight you can understand and act upon
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Real-time Actions

Turns feedback into actionable responses that drive retention rates upwards.

Powerful Dashboards

Presents your data and verbatim comments in easily understandable, visual charts.

DataFuse™ Integration

Our survey software merges additional customer data intelligence with survey results for 360 degree view. 

Beyond the Survey

Our insights team can deliver additional reporting tailored for your requirements and includes feedback and external data for true analytic power.

Collecting Voice of the Customer® feedback is of little value unless you discover the intelligent insight that resides there and can make it actionable.  Our CX feedback service provides real-time charts and dashboards that everyone can understand, backed by tools and services that uncover that valuable insight. This makes difficult problems easy to make sense of, and is proven to engage staff and help collaboration, allowing fast decision-making based on unbiased data.

Voice of the Customer is a VirtuaTell trademark

VirtuaTell Survey Software: Intelligent Insight Through Data Visualisation

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Understand your feedback
According to Krista Neher, the well known social marketing guru, the human brain can process images up to 60,000 times faster than words.  That is why  our powerful reporting portal makes it easy to create and distribute real-time dashboards that spot trends, discover patterns and relationships and communicate that knowledge to others.
DataFuse data merge

DataFuse™ merges your existing customer knowledge in salesforce, data lakes, and CRM systems with the customer feedback, for a unique and powerful view of your CX performance.  The ability to cross-reference feedback with brand, sector, geography, value and much, much more, give you unparalleled insight possibilities.

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Improve by comparison
VirtuaTell conducts millions of automated customer satisfaction surveys every month, immediately following any customer contact event.  By delivering the feedback directly to staff via reports, dashboards, alerts and performance tables, they will clearly understand the consequences and benefits of providing the best service they can.
survey software
Proactive feedback response
VirtuaTell real-time alerts are proven to drive customer retention and staff engagement levels upwards.  By triggering alerts in real-time, your staff know of any customer issues, individual or team performance excellence or just positive staff feedback, immediately!  

We offer reporting in a way that makes sense to your business. From producing reports that are instantly able to be distributed amongst shareholders thanks to the use of the brand colours, to pivot tables that address your KPIs specifically, the VirtuaTell reporting suite is designed to work for you.