Integrated CX surveys for Salesforce

Maximize Salesforce triggered CX feedback automatically and with no agent intervention

Our integrated CX surveys for Salesforce gives immediate access to fully automated customer insight on any customer contact channel, with no agent intervention or knowledge that the survey is taking place. By using our Synaptum® market leading feedback invitations, triggered in real-time by any Salesforce customer event, data update, schedule or custom object, feedback is fast, accurate and customer friendly. Supported by our hugely experienced Insight Team, Salesforce users will soon deliver the best-of-breed feedback methodology on any contact channel.  Click here to find our more.

Our Synaptum integrated CX surveys for Salesforce app with its bi-directional data flow, delivers unparalleled CX insight in a manner that will increase satisfaction levels, increase feedback response rates and empower your staff.

Increased Satisfaction

By using Salesforce events to trigger real-time invites and Salesforce customer data to make questions relevant, customers will give you fast, unbiased and more accurate feedback, meaning you can make immediate improvements to the customer experience.

Empowered Staff

By delivering the results and alerts directly back into Salesforce customer records or by using Synaptum’s powerful charts and dashboards, your staff will have a choice about how they get a complete picture of each customer, every time they make contact.


Increased Opt-In

Triggered by any Salesforce event, survey invitations are delivered in real-time. By delivering survey invitations immediately after the event you want to measure and asking relevant, quick surveys, your customers will love to give you feedback.

360 degree view

Because Synaptum can use any Salesforce held customer data field, all results can be cross-referenced and filtered by what is important to you. Analysis by brand, product, staff, journey or any other Salesforce data is at your fingertips.

Features and Benefits

Fast Integration:
We get real-time automated CX surveys up and running out-of-the-box in minutes not weeks, with immediate access to all your Salesforce held customer data using our Synaptum® integrated CX surveys for Salesforce.

Omnichannel Feedback:
Real-time feedback on the most convenient contact channel your customer prefers and immediately after the event you wish to measure.

Real-time Invitations:
As survey fatigue drives opt-in rates down, you can offer short, relevant, data rich surveys to your customers, immediately after the customer event has occurred and with no agent selection bias.

Increased customer retention:
Use real-time feedback to drive proactive actions that are proven to result in increased customer satisfaction and high customer retention levels.

CXBot AI Intelligence:
CXBot® uses the Salesforce customer knowledge you already have to drive relevant, short and meaningful survey questions and then delivers that new knowledge back into your customer records.

Use our integrated CX surveys for Salesforce to trigger CX feedback requests, enhance Salesforce customer data, use events and deliver feedback results back into the customer records, completely automatically.