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Using our CXbot™ we can offer your customer the ability to give you their feedback in a totally acceptable manner. That’s why this omnichannel survey approach has been proven to be effective in collecting real-time data from the full range of your customers. Whether it’s a one question cell phone survey, a chat or social media interaction or an email survey relating to an engineer visit, we ensure you get the answers you need to improve your business.

That is why our feedback solution gets the highest response rates and better quality feedback than anyone in the industry. By using their preferred channel and data driven, short questions, VirtuaTell feedback is always going to give you the most valuable insight available.

Contact Center Surveys
We believe the only useful contact center data is that which you can access instantly and the meaning of which is understood from the bottom to the top. By delivering real-time actions for management and feeding back both positive and negative feedback to your agents straight after a call, performance can be monitored and improved. It also allows you to escalate any issues immediately.   And don’t forget your staff – our real-time agent dashboards means they always know how they are performing, in the eyes of your customers. 

Remote and On-site Staff Surveys
We conduct millions of automated omnichannel surveys every month, immediately following any staff interaction with a customer whether field or office based. The resulting unbiased, real-time feedback is proven to drive customer and staff satisfaction levels upwards in only a few weeks.

Self-service Channel Surveys
We can capture that intelligence for you from wherever your prospects and customers engage with you, including where there’s no customer-staff interaction – whether it’s through the web, mobile apps, emails, chats, social media or phone.


“Companies with well-defined omnichannel customer experience management (CEM) programs achieve a 91% higher year-over-year increase in customer retention rate on average, compared to organizations without. These organizations also average a 3.4% increase in customer lifetime value, while those without omnichannel programs actually diminish customer lifetime value by 0.7% year-on-year.”

At VirtuaTell, we have always recognized the value of an omnichannel survey approach and have offered real-time feedback capture across many channels, for many years.  After all, we want to help businesses perform to the highest standard possible, and achieve the same retention rates the report highlights.