VirtuaTell’s market leading omnichannel customer experience feedback solution.
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Powerful reporting portal

Make your results and survey data immediately understandable to all levels of your organisation.

Every customer contact channel covered

Synaptum® offers your customers the opportunity to provide you with feedback they want to give, on the channel they want to use, answering questions relevant to them.

Insight driven survey DataFuse® Elements

Merge survey results and any additional customer data you have, to give you great insight and cross-reference ability.

Nextgen surveys – today!

One day ALL CX feedback surveys will work like this. Contact us and get ahead of your competition.
VirtuaTell’s Synaptum® delivers in a matter of days, powerful intelligence and CX feedback automation options using our real-time cloud or on premise omnichannel survey solution. CXbot® instant alerts and a powerful reporting and dashboard portal drives customer experience levels to new heights. With inbound or outbound phone surveys, email, web, chat or SMS surveys, every customer contact point is covered.

How is Synaptum® better?

KISKIS = keep it simple - keep it short
Insightful Dashboards

Personalized or centrally published, real-time dashboards enable CX feedback to be accessible and understandable, to everyone in your organization.  With a click of a cog, they can see exactly what they need to, for real-time CX insight.

customer feedback survey
Roles-based user access

Using roles-based security access means you can allow everyone access to the feedback results, knowing they will only see what you have allowed.  With everyone who needs access engaged and on board, your CX feedback results will improve fast.

One-click comparison

A single click allows results to be compared in real time.  Whether it is multiple results across the same time period or comparative periods, the insight you need to know about, can be quickly accessed.

Auditor compliant results

Not many survey solutions would be passed by your company auditor.  Not many link the surveys to the staff member that dealt with that customer and of those that do, they normally permanently link the results to the staff member.  This means when you move them to a new team, ALL their results go with them, often significantly changing the past results for that team.  Synaptum® is 100% auditor compliant, leaving all results where they were at the time of the survey.