Survey DataFuse®

Merge your customer knowledge with feedback results for powerful insight
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To significantly enhance the valuable insight you can gain by cross-referencing additional data you have available, Synaptum™ incorporates our unique DataFuse® tool to integrate additional customer data with survey results, as well as feed that knowledge back into your systems.

VirtuaTell’s DataFuse® merges any available data you have about the customer, with the survey results to enable you to uncover valuable, focussed CX feedback insights across your whole organisation. DataFuse® allows deep and valuable cross-reference of survey results by including any customer and company data from CRM, data lakes or legacy systems in our powerful reports. You can therefore analyse feedback results by cross-referencing any account status, customer value, demographic, brand or product info you have available.


KISKIS = keep it simple - keep it short
Deep insight analysis

Allows you to go “beyond the survey” for deeper knowledge and insight.

customer feedback survey
Cross reference customer data

Cross reference results against your important KPI’s.

Any data – Any Place

Wherever your data resides and in whatever system or format, DataFuse® can access it!


DataFuse® not only collects from your data sources, but can deliver resulting knowledge back into your systems – automatically.

Nextgen surveys – today!

Don’t just collect feedback results – get real-time insight and knowledge about where your weaknesses and strengths lie.

VirtuaTell’s DataFuse® will allow you so ask questions such as;

  • Which brand has the lowest NPS performance?
  • Why is a certain region causing so many call-backs?
  • What is the demographic split between out eSurvey and mSurvey results?

One of our clients incorporated DataFuse’s unique intelligence, allowing them to combine up to 90 additional elements of customer data from a wide range of internal CRM sources. Fusing powerful meta data and customer feedback allowed them to achieve much deeper regressive and correlational analysis and a richer understanding of their issues, providing them with a truly 360 view of their customer experience performance.