Genesys CX integration with Synaptum®

Harness the power of 2 market leading partners




Our integration with PureCloud, PureConnect or PureExchange means any customer can make use of all the data and events available via Genesys, to both trigger and enhance our Synaptum® omnichannel CX feedback insight – automatically and on any channel.  Click here to see how VirtuaTell integration benefits Genesys customers.

Our solution gathers feedback on every customer contact channel including phone, SMS, web, email and chat and our survey Datafuse® merges the available customer data to deliver real-time analytics, insights and alerts, proven to drive positive customer satisfaction performance higher.


Synaptum is available directly within PureCloud as an integrated solution and can be implemented at the press of a button, collecting powerful insight, triggered by PureCloud events, in real-time.


Able to connect to the various PureConnect cloud and premises deployments, Synaptum will capture real-time CX insight about customer engagements, CX analytics, workforce performance and drive proactive alarms.



Cloud, premise, or hybrid automated CX surveys, up and running in days and collecting real-time contextual feedback about journeys, using world-class intelligent routing.


Email, web, phone, chat, cellphone or whatever, when a Genesys channel is used by your customer, Synaptum™ will collect real-time feedback triggered by the Genesys event you want to measure.

PureCloud Demo

See how Synaptum® drives real-time surveys when fully integrated with PureCloud.

VirtuaTell’s Synaptum® combined with Genesys delivers powerful intelligence and CX feedback automation options using our real-time cloud or on-premise multi-channel survey solution. CXbots, instant alerts and a powerful reporting and dashboard portal drives customer experience levels upwards. With easy integration with Genesys to automatically trigger any of our vSurveys, eSurveys or mSurveys, you can collect feedback on every customer contact point or journey event.

Features and Benefits

KISKIS = keep it simple - keep it short

Fast Genesys integration

We get real-time automated CX surveys up and running out-of-the-box in minutes, not weeks, triggered by real-time Genesys events. For PureCloud, it’s seconds!

customer feedback survey

Omnichannel surveys

Real-time feedback on the most convenient contact channel your customer prefers and immediately after the event you wish to measure.

Increased customer satisfaction & retention

Use real-time feedback to drive proactive actions that are proven to result in increased customer satisfaction and retention levels.

Increased staff accountability

Real-time dashboards with current and easily understood results are available to all levels of the organisation and proven to drive staff responsibility.

DataFuse® metadata integration

Meld all the data available via Genesys, with your survey results for powerful analytic and cross reference insights into the important KPI’s.

CXbot automation

CXBot® works in real-time to use the Genesys knowledge to ensure the questions we ask are relevant, short and relate to their recent event, drives response rates upwards.

Cloud or On-Premise?

VirtuaTell’s unique architecture and design means you benefit from the same robust, flexible platform, wherever you need it