The next cognitive AI generation of customer experience feedback driven by CXbot®
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AI driven question selection

Our CXbot® uses artificial intelligence and customer data to ensure your customers only receive questions that are relevant to them and their recent interface with you.

Drives survey acceptance sky-high

By delivering surveys and questions that are 100% relevant to your customers and their recent events, response rates will be the best you have seen.

AI driven channel selection

Our CXbot® uses cognitive AI and your customer data to also ensure they only receive surveys on their preferred channel, whether it is their smartphone, a PC or phablet.

Nextgen surveys – today!

One day ALL CX feedback surveys will work like this. Contact us and get ahead of your competition.
We can now deliver the next generation of automated CX feedback – today!

VirtuaTell’s CXbot® fully automates the channel, question and decision selection for each survey recipient, in real-time. Using the data and knowledge available via our Survey DataFuse®, CXbot® drives the highest standards in survey experience and the lowest opt-out rates in the industry, by delivering short, context relevant, real-time feedback scripts – in real-time.

CXbot® will ensure your survey recipients only receive the number of questions they are comfortable answering on the channel they prefer, delivering a personalised CX feedback experience.

How are we better?

KISKIS = keep it simple - keep it short
Increased opt-in rates

Personalised survey questions that relate directly to your customers and their recent event ensures that completing your surveys is fast and user friendly. This will ensure they opt-in to your surveys and do so again and again.

customer feedback survey
Shorter, user friendly surveys

Using our KISKIS (Keep it simple – keep it short) methodology, any surveys delivered by VirtuaTell will be short and relevant, time and time again.  Both time-poor and mobile customers love VirtuaTell’s responsive surveys and our email survey invitations can even contain the first question, to make the survey experience lightening fast.

No irrelevant questions

As our CXbot® uses our Survey DataFuse® to collect and merge any available customer data, no potential CX intelligence is missed when analysing results. This means that CXbot® uses all the information you already have about the customer, their journey or their history to gather greater levels of customer insight.

No more survey fatigue

While all your competitors and suppliers to your customers are sending them 10 page surveys that they will never complete, you can repeatedly be gathering real-time customer insight.  By creating a reputation for CXbot® driven, short, relevant surveys, you will be receiving the highest levels of feedback while your competition is basing their decisions on incorrect, false or biased data.