Address challenges of technology changes and demographic shifts that are causing failing response rates
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The Challenges

  • You need feedback throughout the customer journey
  • Everyone indiscriminately sends uncontrolled, long surveys
  • Response rates are plummeting
  • Customer demographics are changing
  • Time poor is a growing sector
  • Contact points are changing

The warning signs

  • 30% of younger audience are interacting with smartphones via voice
  • AI, Alexa and Google Home create new expectations
  • Chatbots are getting better and more accurate
  • Natural Language Understanding now works
  • Real-time feedback is now the ONLY feedback
  • Surveys remain unfinished but few know about it


The Future Solution - Today

Conversational feedback
Achieves a 30% better response rate and a better experience for the customer

AI driven personalised scripts
Using knowledge you have about the customer and their contact event reduced bias and increases accuracy and response rates

Fast, stealth micro-surveys
1 or 2 relevant questions asked in context instead of a huge questionnaire, will be answered repeatedly

Visually enhancements
Relevant graphics improve the experience leading to 6x better completion-rates

All new contact channels covered
A must, if the new, younger audience is to be included in your decisions



The focus in the future is to collect conversational feedback that is event and customer-relevant, by using technology and superior design skills.   Real-time feedback delivering real-time metrics, enhanced by analysis of comments and unstructured data that is categorised and assessed by conversation bots, using sentiment and text analytics. AI tools will uncover meaning, identify issues, sentiment and emotions, and guide actions to provide proactive solutions to help you drive improved customer experiences.

In your future, you will be offering “stealth” feedback anywhere on your customers journey. You will use all existing client knowledge you already have to drive personalised questioning and the feedback dialogue will be in a natural language and probably in a conversational, chat format. And results will be analysed by AI and NLU searching for insight, unusual patterns and used for predicting outcomes and warning you before they occur.


It’s an exciting future, and one that VirtuaTell is already delivering today. To find out more Contact Us today.