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Employee Satisfaction Survey role in business growth

Happy employees are more interested in co-workers, partners, customers; they build and uplift the reputation of your brand and who knows more about what needs fixing then them! A satisfied employee improve performance for several times and is more excited to involve new customers and lead his efforts to business growth and brand promotion. Moreover, employee satisfaction is directly connected with customers’ satisfaction. Moreover, a dissatisfied employee is a real disaster for the company. Besides that they will have a negative impact on customers
they will also make a tense atmosphere in the whole office and even in the other branches of the company.

So satisfied working staff is the most important component of your business and does not yield to consumers’ satisfaction with
its importance.

And how can a company reject affording an employee satisfaction survey in gaining brand equity?

Not every serious and respected company will neglect this feature of knowing what their employees think about them. The main purpose of employee satisfaction survey is to enhance productive, positive working atmosphere by focusing on customer needs and not on problems at work.

What can you get from an employee satisfaction survey from VirtuaTell?

VirtuaTell’s Synaptum can conduct real-time, employee automated surveys to deliver meaningful results immediately after any service conducted by them. Scores and verbatim are collected from them and analysed and even escalated, in order to fully understand issues and concerns they may have.  With the ability to track benchmarks and the success of new initiatives you get instant feedback from them and you are able to quickly implement changes based on their feedback. 

What can you get from employee engagement survey?

  • -To find out what your employees think about your company.
  • -To know how well your staff knows your brand.
  • -To know whether they are they familiar with the values of the brand.
  • -Do your employees embody the values of your brand and company?

That means to find out whether the staff working at your company may become your company’s face and meet customers’ requirements. 

Employee engagement surveys as a customer satisfaction survey

 You can use an employee engagement and employee satisfaction survey in measuring customer satisfaction. It is easy to know about an employee’s satisfaction status in accordance with his or her responsibilities and role by using an employee engagement survey. In addition, you can have a better understanding of their work environment and the mutual understanding with the management. Figure out what mixture of privileges matters those most and what abilities they wish to gain as improving their careers. Evaluating employee engagement along with regular intentions supports you spot potential matters easily. The feedback you will be gaining from an employee engagement survey will help you address and uncover concerns proactively. 

Employee Satisfaction Survey from different points of view

To create an employee satisfaction survey some facts should be taken under consideration. They are the main points to pay attention while making surveys on a company staff satisfaction. A successful company always has a staff, which is motivated and is eager to work and lead its efforts to the growth of the company.

Let’s see what to pay attention while making a staff satisfaction survey.

  • Teamwork and the working atmosphere. It is important when your employees enjoy their work and association of co-workers.
  • Feeling of comfort and joy at work or just satisfaction. Find out what your workers like in their work, what they would like to change, what they like more and don’t like at all. These are questions that will make sure whether the employee is satisfied and even he or she will present the company with honor.
  • Professional growth and trainings. It is more important to know if your employees have long term plans to stay at your company and grow.
  • Benefits. You may think that your staff gets enough salary or even more than enough, but they do not agree with you. Therefore, it is very important to know what their expectations are and whether they meet all of them or even a part of them. 

Satisfied employees guarantee the growth at work

Once the employees are satisfied with the way they treat, they become more likely to work in cooperation with the other co-workers, spread the reputation and work for the betterment of the brand. You can achieve that status easily by using an employee satisfaction survey.  What is important? It does not matter how many employees you have. It is a small staff from 3-4 persons or a huge staff of thousands workers. Employee satisfaction survey is a must.

The importance of employee satisfaction is apparent also from the fact that Society of Human Resource Management Foundation (SHRMF) brings efficient employee engagement survey templates to provide much better results. From understanding employees on how they work in cooperation with the peers and what they feel about the professional growth enhancement, obtain a holistic view of bond with the employee engagement survey.