CX Feedback for Utility Companies

Customer-orientated Utility Customer Experience Surveys that optimise response rates
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Utility Insight Solution

Why VirtuaTell’s CX Feedback for utilities?
  • Real-time omnichannel surveys to collect feedback on whichever contact point the customer prefers.
  • We centralise and merge customer knowledge with feedback results for deeper insight and true 360 view of the customer.
  • We control who is surveyed, on what channel, and which questions are asked for relevant and fast real-time experience feedback.
  • We use Innovative communication tools and language that have been proven to increase response rates.
  • We deliver to you actionable insights and analytically driven messages in plain language, for real-time customer reaction.
  • All results collated and displayed in one place, with access to every level of the organisation.
  • You achieve customer friendly feedback measurement at all stages of your product or customer journey.

Increase response rates

VirtuaTell Utility Insight Solution has been proven to enhance CX feedback response rates, saving utility companies time, money, and resources.

User friendly surveys

This utility customer experience survey allows you to engage with your customers via whatever medium they prefer and however they contacted you.   Our CXbot2® controls who is surveyed, on what channel, and which questions are asked in order to optimise engagement and obtain better quality feedback.

Real time, omni-channel surveys

With omni-channel surveys, you can collect valuable, real time feedback at every customer contact point and at any part of the customer journey.

Easy-access results

Collate and store all results in a single place, with access to every level of your organisation. Merge customer knowledge with results for in-depth insight and analysis.

Infographic showing the future of Utility CX feedback

Utility customer experience surveys are increasingly receiving lower and lower response rates from a narrowing sector of your customer base. This essentially means that utility companies are having to invest more money to receive less feedback. With our CX feedback for utilities and VirtuaTell Utility Insight Solution, you can reach out to your customers in a way that works for them – allowing you to collect high quality, relevant, and real-time customer feedback and collate it in one, easy-to-access location.

How are we better?


Enhanced survey control

CXBot® technology allows you to closely control who is surveyed, on what channel, and which questions are the most relevant to their experience. With our specialist knowledge about capturing CX feedback for utilities, we can optimise the quality and quantity of responses received.

All results in same portal

With all your survey results collated in one single place, it’s quick and easy to view, analyse, and compare data from across your survey channels in one easy to navigate place. There’s also access points for every level of the organisation.

Merge knowledge with results

Using DataFuse™ technology, you can combine customer knowledge and feedback results to optimise response rates and monitor your performance at every stage of the customer journey.


VirtuaTell Utility Insight Solution is incredibly versatile, catering for the impacts of seasonality and giving you the ability to carry out ad hoc surveys at short notice, when urgent CX feedback for utilities is required.

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