Turn automated telephone surveys on, whenever required using VIRTUATell’s instantly accessible VXML automated telephone survey API for VXML IVR

Automated telephone surveys are now available with almost no effort, to anyone with access to a VoiceXML 2.0 compatible IVR such as Genesys, Voxeo, Asterisk, Plum, SPOT, etc. Whether hosted on on-premise, it means any client or partner using any compatible VXML IVR can have the market leading VIRTUATell Synaptum automated phone surveys and award winning reporting portal, up and running in literally, hours.


As VIRTUATell’s Synaptum™ is a multi-channel automated survey solution which includes VXML automated telephone survey module. This means any third party VXML IVR can interrogate the Synaptum VXML survey solution whenever automated telephone surveys are required. No software or hardware installation is required and configuration can be completed in a few hours. In addition, all the Synaptum real-time charts, dashboards and alerts that turn automated surveys into actionable customer retention data, are available in the cloud.

As the market leader in automated customer feedback solutions, VIRTUATell’s Synaptum™ has a proven track record of increasing customer advocacy, retention and staff accountability.

Instant automated telephone survey API for VXML 2.0 IVR

Instant VXML automated telephone survey from VIRTUATell

How does VoiceXML help?

According to Wikipedia, VoiceXML (VXML) is a digital document standard for specifying interactive media and voice dialogs between humans and computers!
VIRTUATell Synaptum™ surveys are created using VoiceXML and existing VXML IVR systems can communicate using that common VXML language. Therefore, they can all talk “survey” directly with Synaptum™ in the cloud, without needing any survey applications created or installed. Synaptum™ provides your local VXML IVR with clear dynamic instructions enabling it to ask your customers anything you wish about their experience with you.
Our survey scripts react to your customer’s responses, enabling you to ask relevant questions and gain an accurate real-time record of your customers’ experience. In addition, Synaptum™ stores the scores, captures valuable verbatim comments and also captures any information to which your VXML IVR systems have access, such as customer account numbers, call recordings or agent ID’s.

What all this means is that your VoiceXML IVR can talk “Surveys” and use Synaptum™ today! CLICK HERE to contact us or complete the form on the right to subscribe to automatically receive new articles we add.


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