London, UK 31st January 2009.

For immediate release

Nectar, the United Kingdom’s leading loyalty programme, has increased customer satisfaction and call centre quality by 10%, as well as being able to measure first time resolution from a customer persepective, using VIRTUATell’s automated customer survey service.  In just four months, Nectar customers confirmed the quality targets had been achieved and valuable feedback had driven a number of other business improvement projects.

Using VIRTUATell’s automated phone surveys, callers to Nectar’s UK and Indian call centres were asked a number of questions about the service immediately after the call.  In addition, callers could also leave their own comments as well as indicate if they wanted their issues escalated and handled immediately.  The escalation of customer issues helped Nectar focus on turning dissatisfied customers into advocates.

The added feedback also meant VIRTUATell’s unique Agent Performance Index could be used to improve agent scores on a real-time basis.  “The customer feedback gave us a valuable 360 degree view of how our agents were performing and focussed our team managers on improving skills the customers wanted” said Jackie Hails, Customer Services Manager for Nectar.

“Customers are delighted to receive such a fast resolution to any problems. The feedback has also been responsible for driving a number of internal and customer facing improvement projects” added Jackie. “Discovering what customers think, in real-time, is a very powerful tool to help satisfy and delight our customers.  Our management team can access results at any time but the alarms provided by VIRTUATell mean we can be back to a customer, minutes after they called.

In just 4 months Nectar customer feedback has:

  • Increased first call resolution rates
  • Increased internal quality levels
  • Improved agent training
  • Highlighted operational issues in real-time
  • Focussed improvements in the quality programme
  • Clarified internal communication