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To assist in DHL’s drive to acquire multi-channel customer feed-back, VIRTUATell  have added web & email capability to their market leading telephone based, customer satisfaction survey service.

London, England June 23rd 2005  –  VIRTUATell, market leaders in Automated Telephone Customer Satisfaction services, have today announced a new ASMA call centre survey service ASMAweb. It allows clients using the telephone based version of ASMA to ask the same questions and collect feed-back, using web or email access.

This will enable DHL to gather feed-back on the telephone, web or email, whichever is most convenient to their customers.  The powerful reporting engine behind ASMA will allow results to be compared and compiled, whether gathered via web, email or telephone.

In addition to this, the verbatim comment or in the case of the web, a comment box, allows the customer to add their personal view of the service – an invaluable addition for DHL, who are genuinely concerned about listening to “The Voice of a DHL Customer”.

Mark Gilliland, DHL’s Market Development Manager, said: “After seeing the valuable feedback we were getting from VIRTUATell ’s phone surveys via the call centre, we wanted to ensure we consistently collected views, even if they chose to use other ways of contacting us.  I was amazed how quickly they added this new feature” he added.

Alan Weaser, Director of VIRTUATell  said; “There are a huge number of web survey companies out there and we have always concentrated on our unique expertise, voice surveys.  However, when DHL asked us to create a parallel web capability for their telephone surveys, we were glad to do it.  Due to our unique infrastructure, we were able to deliver the web version in less than a week!”


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