Topdanmark increases knowledge about danish customer satisfaction and loyalty drivers using VIRTUATell ’s automated surveys

The Challenge
As Denmark’s second largest insurance provider, Topdanmark is constantly under pressure to ensure that it maintains its position in the insurance market. The insurance industry is extremely competitive, one in which high customer satisfaction and high loyalty are crucial factors. Since Topdanmark deals with many thousands of customers via email, telephone and letters every day, it is extremely important for the health of the business to attract, retain and increase the profitability of each and every one. Although the previous survey system provided satisfaction scores for customer service agents, it did not do so in real-time, and it was impossible to raise alerts against particular customer cases.

The Solution
VIRTUATell’s real-time automated survey solution, delivered by Steria, was easily integrated into the Avaya contact centre. It allows Topdanmark customer service agents to spot defection as well as outstanding service on a per-customer basis, and facilitates immediate follow-up on any issues. More broadly speaking, the system has the benefit of identifying particular areas of training needs for individual agents as well as highlighting needs for general service improvement, decreasing the number of dissatisfied customers overall.

The Results
Being able to control, handle and adapt the survey process in-house, has had two main advantages: The ability to change the contents of the survey means that new initiatives or KPIs can quickly be added and measured. In addition, team leaders and agents feel greater ownership of customer satisfaction and rely more on results than before. Marketing Director Bjørn Verwohlt at Topdanmark says: “The importance of real-time reporting of individual customers’ service experiences can not be overstated for us. It doesn’t take long for a customer to decide to switch insurance providers, and the fact that we can now track and respond to these potential situations has had a major effect on our business.”