VIRTUATell put their money where their mouth is for Customer Satisfaction Week (Oct 4th – 10th).

London, England Sept 21st 2004. – VIRTUATell, the company that supplies leading call centres with their ASMA ( Automated Satisfaction Measurement & Analysis) service, have come up with a unique way of proving their commitment to Customer Satisfaction Week in October – they are going to give 15 free pilots of their ASMA customer satisfaction survey service, worth over £1800, during that week.

VIRTUATell’s ASMA allows call centres to capture “live” opinions and satisfaction surveys from a cross section of callers. Callers are invited to participate in the survey, and on completion of the agent transaction, they are transferred to VIRTUATell’s hosted ASMA system Callers are then asked a series of questions by the system, to which they score responses using their telephone keypad, and they have the opportunity to leave a comment in their own words at the end of the call. This verbal feedback can be about the transaction, the company or anything else about which they want to mention. The results can be viewed on a secure web site, in real time, and the data can be downloaded and compiled for further analysis.

“Obviously, providing a service like ASMA puts us in the centre of our clients Customer Satisfaction strategy and as such, we feel the Customer Satisfaction Week is an event for which we should give our wholehearted support” says Alan Weaser Sales Director and co-founder of VIRTUATell. “As a company focussed on helping clients develop a successful satisfaction strategy, we couldn’t think of a better commitment than to allow a limited number of companies access to our ASMA service without charge” he adds.