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Date: 24/04/2006

Subtitle: VIRTUATell’s customer satisfaction surveys generate charitable donations for The Beacon Appeal.

London, England March 27th 2006.  –  Clients of VIRTUATell, a division of Interactive Voice Response Ltd, and the callers to their Synaptum service will be delighted to know that for every call they make to the service, a contribution goes to The Beacon Appeal, the cancer support and care charity.

VIRTUATell’s Synaptum is an automated method for call centres to capture the “live” opinions and satisfaction surveys from a cross section of their callers.  Callers are asked a series of questions by the system, to which they score responses using their telephone keypad. The results can be viewed in real time and the data compiled for further analysis. For every survey completed, a percentage of the charge is donated to The Beacon.

Typical surveys include questions about the call centre experience, the company, their marketing or future plans.  Each caller is normally asked if they want to leave a verbatim comment and it is these comment that prove most valuable to VIRTUATell clients.

“We are absolutely delighted to be benefiting from this new initiative set up by VIRTUATell   especially as we are currently raising much needed funds for our own new initiative, our Home Intensive Nursing Scheme which we are running in association with Marie Curie.”

“I have known The Beacon Appeal for some time and I know the team there work very hard to promote the charity.” Says Alan Weaser, a Director and founder of VIRTUATell.  “I’m really glad VIRTUATell has a chance to show that modern “automation” technology such as ours has a human face and am very pleased we can contribute something to the efforts of The Beacon.  I’m sure our clients are happy as well, that each one of the myriad of opinions they are gathering, contributes to a good cause.”  It seems Charity begins with Customer Satisfaction!

About The Beacon Appeal

The Beacon is a centre for all the family. It helps in a very positive way, giving confidence and meaning to the lives of many local people affected by cancer and life changing illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Each Synaptum survey taken generates a donation to this charity.