7 Common Survey Design Mistakes

7 Common Survey Design Mistakes

7 Common Survey Design Mistakes

Survey Hints & Tips: What are the biggest mistakes people make when creating a customer satisfaction survey?

Making surveys too long

At VIRTUATell we deliver surveys on your behalf through a variety of devices; over the phone, online, via SMS or by email. Each of these methods may have its preferred style of question or way for customers to answer. But what is universal between them is that none of them are ideal for surveys that are too long.

It is an easy error to make, borne out of a genuine productive desire to understand as much as possible about how customers view your company and how they feel about the service they are receiving. Often, a survey may have had multiple contributors and therefore contain all the questions for all departments.  But remember, these surveys are an extension of your company. The surveys bear your name and are a reflection of your brand. So if they are verbose, long winded and assuming your respondent has nothing better to do with their time than work for you, THAT is the thoughts that will be associated with your brand.   So why not try to make them as efficient and as pleasant to encounter as your staff.

Assuming the respondent’s time is free

People have busy lives. Don’t assume if you are calling a customer to answer a survey that they have time. Start your survey by explicitly asking your customer if they have the time to spare, and if they don’t email the survey through to them to complete when they do. VIRTUATell use real-time customer satisfaction surveys because they are the most accurate means to get customer feedback AND ensure the results are unbiased by the passage of time. If your customers are rushed into answering your questions when they really don’t have the time, then you run the risk of getting ill-considered and inaccurate results.

In an online survey tell them up front that the survey won’t take very long to re-assure them that it won’t take up too much of their time – then DON’T!

Choose the correct media channel

If they called you, offer a telephone survey.  If the e-mailed you, offer an online survey and so on.  Multi-channel surveys including the phone channel, are what VIRTUATell specialise in.

Using grammatically correct wording that does not read or sound well

Despite what you may have been told in school it is not always 100% necessary (or even helpful) to use grammatically correct sentences or verbose, superfluous, elaborate wording in your survey.

The most vital goal when writing your questions for VIRTUATell to deliver, is to be able to communicate what you require accurately. And succinctly.

Making surveys too long

New York, New York was so great they named it twice. This point is so vital that we have included it twice. We can’t stress strongly enough how important it is to keep you surveys concise.

Offer the surveys in real-time, immediately after the customer event.

On many occasions, companies wait far too long before offering surveys.  During this time, the customer has forgotten half of the experience they had and either answers incorrectly or untruthfully.  Either way, you are basing your decisions on false result data.  That is why VIRTUATell specialise on conducting real-time surveys, immediately after the customer event.

Asking Vague questions

If you ask a series of vague questions you will create lots of information but you won’t be able to quantify and analyse the results easy. A text question or voice recording gives you lots of valuable detail but these need to be supplementary questions to a question where you ask them to rate a service on a fixed scale.

For the very best survey design and response rates, contact VIRTUATell

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How To Improve Customer Survey Completion Rates

How To Improve Customer Survey Completion Rates

How to improve customer survey completion rates and what opt-in and completion rate should you expect from customer surveys?

At VIRTUATell we have a valuable reputation for achieving the highest survey conversion rates in the industry.

We do so by using a number of combined methods including short concise surveys using question cycling if surveys are too long, explicit and clear invitations, easily understood scripts, conducting real-time surveys immediately after the original contact event and offering surveys using a customers preferred contact method such as phone, tablet, PC, mobile or smartphone.

Using this methodology, VIRTUATell clients often achieve survey opt-in rates of 15% to 20% via phone or SMS and between 10% and 20% for online surveys.

However, there are a large number of factors that can influence opt-in rates in a negative ways

Don’t add any delay in sending the survey

The longer the delay between the original event and the survey, the lower opt-in rate will result. Our real-time surveys are triggered seconds after the event to ensure maximum opt-in rates are achieved.

Most surveys are far too long

We campaign contently to “Keep Surveys Short!”as long surveys not only antagonize your respondents but often never get completed. It also ensures they never complete them again.

Make sure you know when they were last surveyed and on which channel

If you don’t keep a full record of all invitations sent – regardless of channel – and if surveys were completed or not, you may subject those clients that are kind enough to complete your surveys with a form of “survey fatigue”. You MUST keep this information and use it within the survey invitation Rules Engine as is used by VIRTUATell.

Collect surveys and then do nothing with the results

If your survey respondents think nothing is happening as a result of their feedback, they will stop completing your surveys as they consider it a waste of their time. At VIRTUATell’s we not only trigger real-time alerts to your staff as a result of the scores or verbatim comments but also can send follow-up information back to your customers as a result of actions taken. Be proactive with the results.

Why Use Net Promoter Score to increase customer satisfaction and why should I use it?

Why Use Net Promoter Score to increase customer satisfaction and why should I use it?

Why Use Net Promoter Score ™ (NPS) to increase customer satisfaction

Do you know what proportion of your customers would recommend your product or services to their friends? And does this number outweigh those people who have had a bad experience with your company? The difference between these two numbers is known as your Net Promoter Score and is one of the most vital pieces of data that will determine your future growth as many VIRTUATell clients know.

To calculate the Net Promoter Score your customers are divided into three groups depending on their scoes following a field visit or a call to your customer service department: There are ‘Promoters’ who are loyal to one brand and enthusiastically encourage their friends and work colleagues to use your business. Some are ‘Passive’ consumers whose custom can be courted by special offers and lower prices. And finally there will be ‘Detractors’ – who have had a bad experience with the company that has not been rectified – who will dissuade those they know from shopping with you. The more Promoters you have in comparison to Detractors, the higher your Net Promoter Score will be.

According to Bain & Company, Fred Reichheld and colleagues were researching how to improve customer satisfaction surveys, to ensure that the lessons learned from their results could be communicated to front-line staff and actioned much quicker than they currently were. After analysing the data and testing a variety of responses they discovered there was one, ultimate question which delivered the most trustworthy results:

When they asked customers the ‘ultimate question’ their responses powerfully correlated to predicting future repurchasing behaviour. Companies who knew the answer to the ‘ultimate question’ could predict the loyalty of their customers, and therefore predict future growth.

The Net Promoter Score of Amazon, Rackspace, Harley Davidson and Dell (all stable, growing businesses) are all between 50 and 80 percent, meaning that their satisfied customer are helping to market your business for you, for free!

If you want to join the elite group of efficient businesses with a satisfied and growing customer base you too need contact VIRTUATell to learn how to maximise the capture of your own Net Promoter Score and establish a deeper understanding of your customer relationships and help communicate this vital information to your customer facing staff.

Use VIRTUATell and the Ultimate Question to grow your ultimate business!

Net Promoter, Net Promoter Score, and NPS are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company, Inc., and Fred Reichheld

5 reasons why you need real-time customer feedback

5 reasons why you need real-time customer feedback

Your company may have spent years building the brand, using hard-earned money to promote ideas and products that you believed in, and now you’re starting to see your market share grow.

Customers know who you are and what you stand for.  They recognise your brand and your company’s logo, and in that they see they can trust your brand.  They are willing to risk their hard-earned money using your services.

When you entrust your staff to go out into their homes you do so based on the belief that they are going to provide the best service possible.

But without real-time customer feedback how do you know that your customers are satisfied with this service?

It is just as important to know if your customers are unhappy with their experience of your company as it is to know when your staff have gone above and beyond and done an exceptional job, and it vital to know both of these things as soon as possible.

With VIRTUATell’s real-time customer feedback, your customers will get an automated survey immediately following a field service visit or contact centre call.  Which means that you get to hear about any negative experiences – no matter how minor – straight away, and can therefore make amends with the client immediately and ensure that you can retain their future custom.

And when you get a glowing review you can move especially quickly to get more business booked in for the future.

Here are 5 reasons why you need real-time customer feedback that could help your company improve and grow:

  • When your customer receives a call immediately after you agent has finished work not only do you look incredibly efficient, but the customer feels as though you value their opinion. If you take an active interest in the service they received after the bill has just been paid, they know that your staff is interested in more than simply making more money off them.
  • It will be on the minds of your staff that the customer will be giving feedback on their work immediately after they finish. Which is good for you when you have staff representing your company without supervision. But is also great for the staff that they know their good service will be acknowledged.
  • The feedback you will receive will be much more accurate. Events will be fresh in your customer’s mind, they will be able to give you better details before they are forgotten and the scores will be delivered back to you while they are still valid.
  • Great feedback can be used to reward staff and further incentivise them to keep giving the best possible service (some companies who use VIRTUATell surveys are directly using them to financially reward high performing staff).
  • Each of these things can help you to improve you Net Promoter or Customer Effort score

For more information on how we can help you capture valuable, customer feedback in real-time, just click on the “Contact Us” above.