VIRTUATell Continues the Evolution of Salesforce Customer Feedback

Our Synaptum® integration for Salesforce gives immediate access to omnichannel customer insight, collected automatically on any customer contact channel, delivered back to records and cases and with no agent selection bias.

VIRTUATell drives the Evolution of Salesforce Customer Feedback by using feedback invitations, triggered in real-time by any Salesforce customer event, data update, schedule or custom object, ensuring feedback is collected fast, honestly and in a completely customer friendly manner. Supported by our hugely experienced Insight Team, Salesforce users can soon deliver the best-of-breed feedback methodology on any contact channel.

VIRTUATell drives the Evolution of Salesforce Customer Feedback by using feedback invitations, triggered in real-time by any Salesforce customer event, data update, schedule or custom object, ensuring feedback is collected fast, honestly and in a completely customer friendly manner. Supported by our hugely experienced Insight Team, Salesforce users can soon deliver the best-of-breed feedback methodology on any contact channel.

It is already known that 75% of customers agree that their survey experience influences their overall impression of a company (“Closing the Customer Feedback Loop,” Gartner’s CEB Leadership Council) and that is why the VIRTUATell Insight Team provide best practice for every stage of the feedback collection, including the invitation process as well as the surveys themselves. With a 100% focus on increasing survey opt-in rates, our team will deliver the best CX feedback you have seen.

According to Salesforce, Gartner’s study found that 84% of survey respondents want to know how a company will leverage the feedback collected, while 78% of respondents say they rarely hear back on any results or changes made based on customer feedback. Synaptum integration with Salesforce, delivers the feedback data directly back into the customer records, often triggering real-time alerts to drive proactive information engagement with your customer base. Because staff can see previous scores and responses, often an agent can inform a customer of the progress made based on their feedback.

And what about the over-surveying issues highlighted by Salesforce? Again, our Synaptum integration with Salesforce means that our CXBot® AI based decision engine knows what survey – and even what questions were asked – of each customer and ensures there is no over-surveying, and each set of questions asked are tailored to each client. Also, by interrogating Salesforce to understand what triggered the customer contact and using the information held in each customer account, feedback invitations and survey questions can be personalized and relate directly to the customer and their account.

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What’s the Future for Customer Feedback for the Utility Sector

What’s the Future for Customer Feedback for the Utility Sector

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Customer experience is increasingly being identified as the main competitive differentiator for businesses and this is no different for the future of customer feedback in the utility sector. But many studies show that energy providers and utilities are achieving significantly low levels of satisfaction and even more worrying, making key decisions on incorrect data.  In fact, according to the J.D. Power 2018 Utility Digital Experience Study, Utilities are among the lowest-performing industry groups when it comes to delivering distinct digital customer experiences,.

Many companies conduct customer experience surveys in order to identify customer satisfaction levels and tackle any issues. However, traditional customer surveys are no longer providing relevant or accurate feedback for utility companies, who are dealing with an ever-growing diversity of customers and products and services.

First, let’s take a look at some of the issues utility companies encounter with their customer feedback.

As many confirm when engaging VIRTUATell, Utility customer experience surveys are often long, late and on the wrong contact channels so they are increasingly receiving lower and lower response rates. This essentially means that utility companies are having to invest more money to receive less feedback

Secondly, a lack of central control over survey invites means that many customers are being over-surveyed. As well as being a drain on resources, this can also put customers off from responding, as they feel harassed and spammed.

In addition to this, many surveys are not constructed in a customer-friendly way. For example, a time-poor customer is unlikely to complete a survey that is too long or complex. Many surveys also aren’t mobile friendly, so they can’t necessarily be completed at a time and place that works for the customer. And as customers expect to be able to discuss their utility account across a wider array of contact methods, the ability to offer omnichannel feedback solutions is vital.

Another key factor causing issues for utility companies is the validity of customer contact data, much of it being poor, incomplete, or out of date, making it difficult to even get in touch with customers in the first place.

Added to that, dealing with the impacts of seasonality makes assessing and controlling customer feedback extremely difficult. NPS rises and falls with the temperature, and requires sophisticated analysis that can differentiate between the seasonal and the more fundamental customer issues.

Critical customer data is also often kept across numerous different systems, making it time consuming and challenging to connect that data to the customer feedback. This delivers surface level results that lack the rich insights that are needed to truly understand the customer experience.

Finally, with many companies calling upon a combination of in-house teams and third party call centers to handle different types of customer service needs, creating meaningful and consistent agent KPIs and reporting that works across a variety of teams is highly complex.

So, what can Utilities do to improve their voice of the customer insights?

As we’ve seen, Utilities face a whole host of barriers and challenges when it comes to collecting accurate, insightful, and incredibly valuable customer feedback.

Therefore, they need an insight solution that includes a number of high performance, intuitive features and functions that will make collecting utility customer feedback far more effective and efficient, including:

  • Real-time omnichannel surveys that can be used to collect feedback on whichever contact point the customer prefers and at any journey point.
  • A process to centralize and merge customer knowledge with feedback results for deeper insight and a true 360 view of the customer.
  • Control over who is surveyed, on what channel, and which questions are the most relevant to their real-time experience.
  • Innovative implementation of communication tools and language that have been previously tested and proven to increase response rates.
  • Actionable insights and analytically driven alert messages in plain language.
  • All results collated and displayed in one place, with access to every level of the organization.
  • Customer friendly feedback measurement at all stages of new product roll-out or customer journey.

VIRTUATell’s specialist utility team have been helping Utility companies in Europe and the USA for over 10 years and currently conducts over 3.5m customer feedback interactions a month for Utility clients. For further information about VIRTUATell and how they could improve your current feedback methodologies, please get in touch for a free review on our Contact Page

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Measuring the Customer Experience: How VIRTUATell can help

Measuring the Customer Experience: How VIRTUATell can help

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COPC Standards are a collection of performance management systems that enable businesses to measure and improve their operational activities that support the customer experience.

Since they were introduced in 1996, COPC standards have acted as a benchmark for customer-based service operations.

COPC Standards provide stringent guidelines for customer interaction. Within a contact centre environment, companies must demonstrate they are up to the mark when it comes to service (the speed of the interaction from a customer perspective) as well as quality (whether the transaction was handled correctly on the first attempt).

Adhering to COPC Standards can offer a whole host of benefits to businesses across various sectors, including reduced costs, improved revenue, improved service and quality, and increased customer satisfaction.

And, with the COPC Family of Standards currently being used in over 70 countries, this is a truly globally accepted performance management system that sets the standards whilst driving a consistent industry vocabulary.

How can VIRTUATell help?

If you want to improve your company’s customer service operations, you first need to measure them. Our omni-channel CX feedback surveys will allow you to measure your performance against COPCs standards and ensure providing the optimum level of service to your customers.

Under COPC Standards, Customer Service Providers are analysed against a series of performance factors known as Key Customer Related Processes. To analyse levels of service, these KCRPs utilise metrics such as speed of answer, abandonment rate, escalation rate, contact resolution, sales, and volume.

Our innovative, automated, multi-channel, real-time customer satisfaction solution will allow you to collect and monitor customer feedback, enhancing your level of service, and allowing you to get the metrics that COPC require if you’re looking to obtain certification.

We’ll also help you to optimise response rates, delivering your feedback questions in a totally customer-focussed way across multiple channels.

Once your data has been collected, we’ll provide clear, meaningful reports that present your data in a way that is accessible and easy to understand to everyone within your organisation.

Of course, collecting data is fruitless if it doesn’t allow you to implement meaningful change in response. At VIRTUATell, we make your feedback actionable, focusing on real-time feedback, using real-time alerts, response triggers, and data feeds into your other systems to show that you are responsive. This means we can give your customers feedback on how you responded to their feedback – increasing engagement and loyalty.

For more information about how we can help you maintain and measure COPC customer experience standards, please get in touch – we’re always happy to help.

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Alternative to Survey Monkey

Alternative to Survey Monkey

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If you’re interested in customer feedback, there’s probably a good chance that you’ll have come across Survey Monkey somewhere along the line. They’re one of the better known businesses operating in the customer feedback sector but, here at VIRTUATell, we’re sure that we can offer a far superior service.

While Survey Monkey offer a cheap, web-based service that boasts access to a large selection of self-service features, there’s a number of drawbacks to their product. Firstly, the low entry price masks a number of hidden costs for additional features. What seems like a very good investment at first, may soon cost a great deal more than you expected.

Secondly, the Survey Monkey user interface is not nearly as intuitive or powerful as our own, is prone to bugs, and suffers from an inability to personalise it to each organisation’s unique needs and requirements. Complex analysis of results is nearly entirely absent from the service and, unlike VIRTUATell’s completely omnichannel service, Survey Monkey cover every customer contact channel.

Finally, Survey Monkey only offer online support, and their long, unfocused surveys are partly responsible for the survey fatigue many businesses are encountering when trying to gather online feedback.

In comparison, VIRTUATell offer a bespoke approach, with Managed Services support and a dedicated team of insight experts. We focus on medium-to-larger organisations, where self-management is not the primary concern, and a truly omnichannel approach is now required – incorporating email, online, SMS, hybrid and inbound and outbound phone surveys.

We place an emphasis on clear and concise communication with our customers and, consequently, use real-time charts and intuitive dashboards to convey findings. We also understand the importance of security in the modern marketplace and offer secure digital storage solutions to all clients.

Finally, our experience of using the Voice of the Customer® process has resulted in us owning its trademark. We believe this demonstrates our dedication and command of the central tenants of the VotC process and its importance to modern business practices.

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Alternative to NICE Satmetrix

Alternative to NICE Satmetrix

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While there are a number of businesses who specialise in generating, collecting and analysing customer feedback, we believe we’re the best in the industry and are willing to show you why. If you’re thinking of working with NICE Satmetrix, we want to take a moment of your time to tell you how VIRTUATell can provide a better service.

While NICE Satmetrix have experience in a number of areas, most prominently with Net Promoter Score (NPS) tools and with pre-built templates, this has also resulted in them developing a particularly narrow focus when it comes to setting up customer feedback channels.

Whereas we at VIRTUATell have worked hard to develop a truly omnichannel survey system that utilises a variety of tools, NICE Satmetrix have a limited approach that revolves almost entirely around NPS. At VIRTUATell, we believe diversity is key to accurate information and employ a number of alternatives to NPS, including Advocacy Index® and Customer Effort scores, providing our clients with more than one insight.

According to web-based feedback sites, the NICE Satmetrix product can also be difficult for clients to get their heads round, and is not particularly user friendly. For this, and a number of other reasons, it suffered from poor product release testing results. Its responsive surveys allow users to look at survey results in numerous different ways, but these cannot be viewed in real time and are not conducive to complex analysis.

Whereas VIRTUATell try to minimise the cost to their clients by giving them the tools to work by themselves in the future, NICE Satmetrix could be considered expensive. It’s also worth noting that, while VIRTUATell are a trusted and reliable organisation, Satmetrix face an unsure future under new owners.

At VIRTUATell, we’re an experienced business who understand how to provide a user-friendly experience, who maintain our own team of dedicated insight experts, and who have shown our expertise in the Voice of the Customer® process by becoming owner of the trademark. We’re here to help you, whenever you’re ready.

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Alternative to Medallia

Alternative to Medallia

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Though there’s a wide variety of organisations offering CX feedback services, not all businesses offer the same standard of service. If you’re considering working with Medallia, we want to tell you why we believe VIRTUATell would be worth considering as better suited to your needs.

While Medallia – have a good interface, which utilises drill down menus to provide users with greater detail, according to feedback pages, their online portal is known to slow down considerably at times and is infrequently updated.

Medallia’s responsive surveys are presented in a variety of different charts and they succeed in offering numerous different ways of studying results. However, again, according to web-based feedback, users find the Medallia product is a complex and difficult tool to use and change, and is far less intuitive than our own VIRTUATell services.

While here at VIRTUATell, we focus on providing an affordable service that doesn’t depend on the sustained use of high-cost consultants, Medallia offer a far more expensive service. Our aim is to develop our client’s ability to help themselves, limiting their dependence on outside assistance and, in the process, reducing long term costs. In this way our Insight Team are called upon only when good value is added.

We also offer a truly omnichannel service that encompasses web, email and online surveys, SMS and htbrid text surveys, chat and social surveys and inbound phone surveys and outbound phone surveys. This differs from Medallia’s approach, which heavily prioritises online research, at the expense of other types.

At VIRTUATell, we think we offer a better product at a lower cost. Our service utilises real-time data representation via a number of different charts in incredibly powerful and highly functional dashboards. We include external customer data in the dashboard and have a backup team of experts prepared to offer their unique insight into what the data means and how it can be actioned.

Finally, in order to demonstrate our comprehensive understanding of the Voice of the Customer® process, we hold the trademark. With years of experience, a well-rounded approach to customer feedback, and offering fantastic value for money, VIRTUATell are the choice for you.

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