British Gas installs VIRTUATell’s automated customer survey solution, to capture the “Voice of their Customer”, from three and a half million calls per month.

London, England January 2010

In 2007, Phil Bentley, the Managing Director of British Gas, stated that Customer Service was his number one priority.  As part of that focus, British Gas used VIRTUATell’s hosted, cloud based customer survey service to gather customer feedback from a percentage of their callers.

Following the success of the surveys – which helped increase customer advocacy and increase customer retention – and as part of the new “One British Gas” transition, British Gas are now installing a centrally located VIRTUATell customer survey platform to offer a feedback opportunity to every one of their 3.5 million callers per month.   Using VIRTUATell, all British Gas customers can be offered a tailored telephone, web or email survey, with results and feedback being delivered to a single, central data warehouse.

“We wanted a survey solution that could cover all our strategic call centres from a single location” said Carl Skerritt, Group Network Architect for Centrica.  “It was also vital that the platform could use our existing VoiceXML based Genesys AVP and CTI infrastructure, to protect our past and future investment” he added.  “VIRTUATell matched all these requirements and more and as we had already used their hosted service, we knew the company and its performance level very well”.

Added Paul Lodwidge, Centrica’s Customer Insight Research Manager, “As our “One British Gas” strategy developed, it was essential that customer feedback from any contact point, was collected in a single place, so our marketing efforts had a complete view.

Alan Weaser, Director of VIRTUATell, said “British Gas are a valuable and innovative client and have made excellent use of both our service AND the results.  They were one of the first of our clients to use our automated surveys to increase customer retention and we are proud to have been chosen for conducting what we think is the largest automated telephone survey challenge in the UK.”