Best Practice Tips for SMS Surveys

Asking anyone with whom you want to do new or additional business, to complete a survey via SMS if it is not short, can actually jeopardise business and put relationships at risk.

The constant to and fro of the messages and the random appearance and interruption factor is proven to just annoy your customer or prospect as question numbers go above one or two questions. If you want to attempt to collect that valuable “open” comment as well, it’s worth considering avoiding the “to and fro” method of SMS surveys and use the VirtuaTell alternative.

With over 10 years of experience supplying automated, multi-channel survey services, research shows that VirtuaTell‘s alternative method has a 98% total acceptance level, when asking 4 or 5 question PLUS that valuable general comment.

The VirtuaTell SMS survey method

For one or two questions, SMS is fast and convenient.  For longer surveys, we have two options.

vSurvey call-back.

As with a normal SMS survey, we send the message asking if they will take a survey. However, we inform them that if they accept, we will call them back immediately with a quick telephone survey. On acceptance, our outbound telephone survey calls them back, avoiding that nightmare of multiple SMS surveys with messages bouncing to and from your customer, with the associated, huge annoyance factor. We can even collect customer complaint details and deliver them to whoever you want, seconds after the survey, to proactively help you convert them to a satisfied customer – proven to have an 11% higher probability of re-purchasing.

eSurvey url

Option 2 delivers to any accepted survey, a url that links any smartphone to our online/web eSurvey.

Using our SMS options, VirtuaTell surveys give you:

  • Fast, real-time, outbound automated surveys
  • All results available in our award winning reporting suite
  • Honest answers just seconds after the visit
  • Real-time escalation alerts for proactive actions
  • Individual, team and departmental reports for comparison
  • Increased sales, loyalty and customer satisfaction

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