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If you’re considering employing Qualtrics to handle your feedback systems, we’d like to take a moment of your time to tell you why we believe VirtuaTell are better placed to help your business and are a great alternative to Qualtrics.

While Qualtrics are experienced providers, who offer a good interface to reports and dashboards, and are known for their responsive surveys, we believe there are a number of drawbacks to their service.

First and foremost, they offer an expensive product. Whereas VirtuaTell focus on helping clients help themselves with experienced and ad hoc support, rather than having to continue working with expensive consultants, Qualtrics traditionally favour a consultant-based service.

At VirtuaTell, we focus on a truly omni-channel service that includes email, web and online surveys, SMS, social, chat and both inbound and outbound phone surveys. This thorough approach provides feedback on every customer contact channel, and more detailed and accurate results than Qualtrics’ service, which heavily prioritises online surveys and is not available on every customer contact channel.

We also believe that clarity of communication and ease of use is essential to our work. If we can’t clearly and effectively communicate our findings to the client, we’re not doing our job well. Whereas Qualtrics – according to feedback sites – often struggle with their survey formatting and there have been problems with their cloud access. As a reliable alternative to Qualtrics, we at VirtuaTell work to ensure our service is completely accessible and easy to understand 100% of the time.

For instance, we’ve spent a great deal of time and effort perfecting our real-time charts and dashboards, and ensure that there are no limits on which users can access them. We also integrate external customer data into our dashboards. Alongside these practices, we maintain a back up team of insight experts to assist in interpreting the data, and have a great deal of experience in incorporating client data and sources into results.

Finally, to demonstrate our commitment to fully capturing the feelings and thoughts of those people who are most important to businesses – the customers – we’re now the owner of the Voice of the Customer® trademark. With years of experience employing the process in a number of different business contexts, we’re ready to use it to help you.

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