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Though there’s a wide variety of organisations offering customer experience feedback services, not all businesses offer the same standard of service. If you’re considering working with Medallia, we want to tell you why we believe VirtuaTell would be worth considering as better suited to your needs and a fantastic alternative.

While Medallia has a good interface which utilises drill down menus to provide users with greater detail, according to feedback pages, their online portal is known to slow down considerably at times and is infrequently updated.

Medallia’s responsive surveys are presented in a variety of different charts and they succeed in offering numerous different ways of studying results. However, again, according to web-based feedback, users find the Medallia product is a complex and difficult tool to use and change, and is far less intuitive than our own alternative VirtuaTell services.

While here at VirtuaTell, we focus on providing an affordable service that doesn’t depend on the sustained use of high-cost consultants, Medallia offer a far more expensive service. Our aim is to develop our client’s ability to help themselves, limiting their dependence on outside assistance and, in the process, reducing long term costs. In this way our Insight Team are called upon only when good value is added.

We also offer a truly omnichannel service that encompasses web, email and online surveys, SMS and htbrid text surveys, chat and social surveys and inbound phone surveys and outbound phone surveys. This differs from Medallia’s approach, which heavily prioritises online research, at the expense of other types.

At VirtuaTell, we think we offer a better product at a lower cost. Our service utilises real-time data representation via a number of different charts in incredibly powerful and highly functional dashboards. We include external customer data in the dashboard and have a backup team of experts prepared to offer their unique insight into what the data means and how it can be actioned.

Finally, in order to demonstrate our comprehensive understanding of the Voice of the Customer® process, we hold the trademark. With years of experience, a well-rounded approach to customer feedback, and offering fantastic value for money, VirtuaTell are the choice for you.

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