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If you’re interested in customer feedback, there’s probably a good chance that you’ll have come across Survey Monkey somewhere along the line. They’re one of the better known businesses operating in the customer feedback sector but, here at VirtuaTell, we’re sure that we can offer a far superior alternative to the Survey Monkey service.

While Survey Monkey offer a cheap, web-based service that boasts access to a large selection of self-service features, there’s a number of drawbacks to their product. Firstly, the low entry price masks a number of hidden costs for additional features. What seems like a very good investment at first, may soon cost a great deal more than you expected.

Secondly, the Survey Monkey user interface is not nearly as intuitive or powerful as our own, is prone to bugs, and suffers from an inability to personalise it to each organisation’s unique needs and requirements. Complex analysis of results is nearly entirely absent from the service and, unlike VirtuaTell’s completely omnichannel service, Survey Monkey cover every customer contact channel.

Finally, Survey Monkey only offer online support and their long, unfocused surveys are partly responsible for the survey fatigue many businesses are encountering when trying to gather online feedback.

In comparison, VirtuaTell offer a superior alternative to Survey Monkey incorporating a bespoke approach, with Managed Services support and a dedicated team of insight experts. We focus on medium-to-larger organisations, where self-management is not the primary concern, and a truly omnichannel approach is now required – incorporating email, online, SMS, hybrid and inbound and outbound phone surveys.

We place an emphasis on clear and concise communication with our customers and, consequently, use real-time charts and intuitive dashboards to convey findings. We also understand the importance of security in the modern marketplace and offer secure digital storage solutions to all clients.

Finally, our experience of using the Voice of the Customer® process has resulted in us owning its trademark. We believe this demonstrates our dedication and command of the central tenants of the VotC process and its importance to modern business practices.

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