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Improve customer retention

Our innovative CX feedback platform tells you immediately a customer is in jeopardy.

Improve customer experience

Repeat customers are a result of making CX changes based on solid data.


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Increase accountability and deliver real-time results to improve your staff and your operations – fast.

Deliver actionable insight

Understand exactly how your customer experience is performing, in real-time.



Real-time data fusion using CXbot™

Deliver your feedback questions in a totally customer focused way that is guaranteed to increase response rates and deliver your survey data knowledge directly to your management and front-line staff.

Powerful Reporting

Get clear, meaningful reports that are understood at every level of your business.

Omnichannel customer experience feedback

Get feedback on your customer’s preferred channel – and let CXbot™ control what you ask them and when.

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For over a decade we have worked across a massive variety of industries to collect CX feedback. In that time there have been many changes in the collection of CX feedback but none greater than now, with the same customers from whom you want feedback, being bombarded from every other direction. VIRTUATell already have the answer and our automated customer satisfaction surveys enable businesses everywhere to improve, through carefully collecting feedback delivered in a way that facilitates change.

How to improve your customer retention?

Difficulty measuring off-site engineers?


Want to measure the success of a project?

Read some of the case studies below, to see how VIRTUATell has supported leading bluechip companies understand their customers.

In merging from three companies to one, our Internet Service Provider client found that it had lost its way with its customers. Long call queue lengths, lack of ownership, poor issue resolution and lack of agent knowledge were troubling the company, and resulting in lost customers.

An initiative was undertaken to enact a radical culture shift, and put the customer experience back at the heart of the company. VIRTUATell was brought in to determine how successful the initiative had been.

Our automated feedback service was put in place in all contact centers and customers were given the option, as well as standard scoring, to give extensive comments on their experience. By focusing on the key drivers of satisfaction and loyalty, we were able to increase first time resolution by 7% within 3 months, and call center advocacy by 13% over 6 months. In addition, the charting of agent performance behaviour, and delivering it in a format that encourages comparison and fosters competitiveness, has resulted in a huge increase in team spirit.



As the leading loyalty card provider, best in class service is an absolute priority. And with consumers using multiple channels to both use their cards as well as contact our client, we had to ensure we took our questions to their customers, and not expect them to come to us.

By implementing VIRTUATell’s omnichannel customer surveys, customers were able to give feedback the way they wanted to in real time, on the channel they preferred and crucially to indicate whether they wanted their issues escalated and handled immediately by a supervisor.

Giving consumers this flexibility has led to analysis of the data, providing richer insights that have driven a number of business improvement projects. The ability to escalate customer issues allowed the client to focus on turning dissatisfied customers into advocates for the brand, and has helped to increase overall customer satisfaction by 10%.



The insurance industry is extremely competitive, and one in which customer satisfaction is a crucial factor. As one of the largest insurance providers, our client needed to not just measure satisfaction, but to understand what service improvements were required to increase it.

The client had an incumbent method – surveys were conducted with customers through multiple channels, but well after the event. This made it impossible to respond immediately to particular customer cases, and in addition, the contact center was receiving feedback from customers with such a delay, it was being ignored.

VIRTUATell’s real-time automated survey solution was easily integrated into the existing contact center ACD and CTI technology. This offered a survey to the customers as they entered the call center queues and they were transferred or called back straight after the call.  It allowed customer service agents to spot defection to a competitor on a per-customer basis, and facilitated immediate follow-up on any issues. In addition, real-time alerts notified them of issues immediately, greatly decreasing the number of dissatisfied customers overall.


One of the largest financial companies in the world was in the process of restructuring and rebranding their credit card arm. During this time it was of the utmost importance that the company could make sure the changes would not result in lost customers. In addition they wanted to incorporate metrics by which they’d be able to judge the restructuring a success

To deliver on their combined objectives VIRTUATell developed a tailored solution that allowed us to measure the customer experience throughout the process while the change was being implemented. Bespoke surveys were created to measure before, during and after. A key feature was the real-time results – the client was keen to measure the activity as it progressed, and fix any mistakes or missteps as they went along. In addition, keeping the amount of time a customer spent giving feedback to a minimum was important, so verbatim comment were only asked for if the satisfaction score was low.

The qualitative and quantitative feedback has resulted in the client being able to make a plan for future investment within the company. This has further shown to their the customers that the client in question has rebranded not just in name, but in service quality.



One of the leading global utility suppliers was suffering from the classic service problem – when their engineers visited customers on-site, they found it easy to assess the success of their visits. However, when helping customers over the phone, it was far more difficult to make that judgment. Therefore they struggled to implement changes.

With a mix of quarterly surveys and sample calling, the previous measurement methodology had been expensive. In addition, because of the lead times it was challenging to implement learnings on new initiatives, and projects were often completed before the results were available.

VIRTUATell implemented a journey based real-time automated service to deliver meaningful results immediately after a visit or call.  Scores and verbatims were analyzed and escalated to fully understand issues and with the ability to track the success of new initiatives be able to quickly implement changes. Alerts allow the client to deal with customer satisfaction at a truly granular level by being notified in real-time of any customer issues.

The program success meant engineers requested that all feedback was reported back to them, not just positive as was the original plan.  This has resulted in an increase in the Net Promoter Score™ by 8 points, hitting an all time high. And the Engineers’ bonus scheme is now linked to the quality of customers’ feedback driving record employee engagement.




Adapt Your Business to Your Customers’ Needs with the
Automated Surveys

For every company, every business project there are some key points to
pay attention and to build business around them. First is customer satisfaction
and employee satisfaction. Sometimes the last one is underestimated but it
should not. It helps to improve staff performance, which is the main guarantee
for your business growth. To satisfy customer formerly have satisfied staff.

There are many automated surveys
methods to find out are your customers’ and employees’ real needs, what are
they satisfied or disappointed with like call center survey, including NPS in
call center

Choosing Survey Services of Virtuatell

VirtuaTell uses a big
variety of survey methods to get in touch with your customers and to find out
their needs. We call it omnichannel
This is one of the most effective tools in automated surveys. We use
all the channels to get touchpoints with customers, find out their discontentment
and help to improve your business. We will get your customers at any platform,
whether it is ell phone or media platform like phone, SMM, web, mail, SMS, etc.
All these touching points are very important while making an automated survey.
In addition, they are chosen considering the age of target group.

Therefore, we use all these channels to determine your customer
satisfaction and to improve your business according to your customer’s

One of the advantages of
VirtuaTell proposal is that it offers the whole range of automated surveys for
the best price.

Get the Results of an Automated Survey at First Sight

Automated surveys should reach the client in a clear way. That is why we
do data visualization. We make data analyses more accessible to whomever it
refers. You will get the results of survey service in an easy understable form,
in visualized charts, etc.

Therefore, with VirtuaTell you can be sure to find your customers
nevertheless where they are, what platforms they use. We will get your target
everywhere. We make in depth-automated surveys and find out what is driving
your customer satisfaction. NPS in call center scores and shows which are weak
and strong points of your business.  

center survey is one of the most effective methods and is used to perform
automated surveys. Of course, it is more practical than going to customer. It
saves your time and is more effective. People are more likely to answer
questions by phone than have a tete-a-tete conversation or answer by mail as it
takes less time. By the way having NPS in call center helps you to find out how
customers are satisfied with your business and will recommend it to others.