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Advantages in Omnichannel Customer Feedback


In the recent digital era, omnichannel customer feedback tools in automated surveys have become incredibly advanced. Brands which take advantage of these advances in technology can benefit enormously from omnichannel customer feedback.

We believe in going to your customer, rather than asking them to come to you – that’s why our omnichannel automated surveys can be served on any customer contact point. Whether it’s a one question cell phone survey, a chat or social media interaction or an email survey regarding an engineer visit, we make it as easy as we can get the answers you need to improve your business.

Likewise, there are various surveys available to determine customer satisfaction, and to get the voice of the customer in relation to your company or product – VIRTUAtell offers all of these comprehensive survey services, under one roof and for the best price.

Contact Center Surveys
We believe the only useful contact center data is that which you can access instantly and the meaning of which is understood from the bottom to the top. By delivering real-time actions for management and feeding back both positive and negative feedback to your agents straight after a call, performance can be monitored and improved. It also allows you to escalate any issues immediately.  

Remote and On-site Staff Surveys
We conduct millions of automated omnichannel surveys every month, immediately following any staff interaction with a customer whether field or office based. The resulting unbiased, real-time feedback is proven to drive customer and staff satisfaction levels upwards in only a few weeks.

Non-Staff Surveys
Because they are interacting on their own, what happens between your customers and your business when no staff are present is vitally important to understand if you are meeting their needs.  We gather that intelligence via web, SMS and email surveys in real-time. 

The evolution of cell phone technology, text messaging and social media has revolutionized the customer satisfaction surveys industry. We’ve offered cell phone surveys for many years, and keep our technology ahead of these new communication methods, for the benefit of your business.



“Companies with well-defined omnichannel customer experience management (CEM) programs achieve a 91% higher year-over-year increase in customer retention rate on average, compared to organizations without. These organizations also average a 3.4% increase in customer lifetime value, while those without omnichannel programs actually diminish customer lifetime value by 0.7% year-on-year.”

At VIRTUATell, we have always recognized the value of an omnichannel surveys approach and have offered real-time feedback capture across many channels, for many years.  After all, we want to help businesses perform to the highest standard possible, and achieve the same retention rates the report highlights.

Website surveys as a means of measuring customer satisfaction

Website surveys are perfect for recording customer feedback from visitors. With a website satisfaction survey, you get an understanding of the website visitors, and are able to ask what brought them to you website, and how they are enjoying their experience using a website satisfaction survey.

A web survey also saves money – it provides you with the ability to gather huge amounts of data without paying for interviewers, postage or paper suppliers, and does not require any data entry to process data. A huge plus!

Traffic data is absolutely crucial when it comes to understanding how visitors go through your website. An expert website feedback survey can support you and help you understand why visitors perform certain actions, and how you can enhance their experience. You will quickly get to know the reasons why visitors visit your site, and  whether you provide the experience that they are looking for.

A web survey is a powerful method of disclosing visitor thoughts and intentions, and can pave the way to enhancing your business’s performance performance through an automated survey. This survey is generally regarded to be one of the five best methods of surveys available in measuring customer satisfaction. Surveys are also done using mail, personal interviews, and telephone and intercept surveys, although each of these has a relatively high cost attached. The web survey has all the advantages of the mail survey, but can be done far quicker, and at a much lower cost.

Email surveys to get insights into customer satisfaction

One of the useful and most popular ways of conducting online research is email surveys. With the use of an email survey or an automated survey, you can copy a bespoke link and send it to everyone on your mailing list. Survey emails can be convenient and highly effective when done correctly. Once the respondent opens the email survey link they can complete the survey from anywhere, at anytime they want – it’s this low effort barrier that makes it such a great tool. Our customer feedback surveys are all able to be used as email surveys. We help you to create and email template, which you can then use with your own contacts. Each respondent gets a unique link, which means each respondent is linked to their individual responses. Using this method, you can identify and track each respondent in an email survey, and troubleshoot any issues on a granular level.

Phone Surveys as a means of customer satisfaction surveying

Phone surveys – including live telephone polls and automated phone surveys – are considered the fastest, most reliable way of evaluating the common consensus of a provided demographic of citizens. It’s this reason that they’re often used in predicting election outcomes, examining for whom or how they are going to vote or what they feel about a particular candidate or platform.

VIRTUAtell customer service satisfaction survey is a respected and reliable phone survey company and this one of the most successful survey methods of our company.

Smartphone survey – There is extraordinary evolution in the smartphone market. Smartphone surveys can be a really useful tool for you in understanding the market and your customer.

Automated phone surveys – Automated phone surveys are easy to launch and cost effective.  They involve low human involvement, since responses will also be analyzed automatically using technological platforms.

Chat surveys – Chat surveys can be introduced as one of the best ways to monitor client experiences. This involves directly talking with your customers, to determine the success of your service delivery.

SMS surveys – SMS surveys help you to engage with your audience through on-the-go pocket feedback via their mobile devices. VIRTUAtell manages the entire process for you, from setting up an SMS survey distribution, to putting in place perfect practices for continuing SMS surveys.

Cell phone survey – Do you want to enhance your services or improve your marketing through mobile? You can use a cell phone survey to get a better understanding of your customer’s mobile patterns. You will be able to learn why and how people use cell phones, and the different kinds of activities they perform, all through a cell phone survey. Virtual call center services are used to perform automated surveys. This allows people to make many calls a day and immediately report the gathered information, so that you can put the results to use fast.

Social media surveys as customer satisfaction evaluation

Twitter survey

We recommend a Twitter survey if you need to launch a powerful marketing campaign and have chosen Twitter as your platform. VIRTUATell’s well-designed twitter templates will give you the details you want to maximize your investment from this customer service satisfaction survey site.