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Survey at contact point

Present your customer feedback survey wherever and whenever you want – in a way that your customer wants.


Wide deployment options

Cloud/SaaS, On-premise or a hybrid of both, we take our clients from a simple pilot to over 3 million surveys a week.

Data analytic automation

Add powerful metadata using our survey DataFuse – this combines all available data on your customer to allow you to go ‘beyond the survey’.


Data driven CX consultancy

For data driven, in-depth CX analysis, guidance and strategy advice, our Insight Team deliver unparalleled feedback intelligence.

A customer feedback survey is now a common undertaking in almost every business, but most miss their targets and don’t result in any meaningful change. With over 10 years experience, our solutions are designed to affect the customer’s journey from the minute they leave their feedback. 

Why is our method superior?

customer feedback survey

We go to where your customers are

Our omnichannel surveys can ask for feedback on any contact channel, in the most convenient way for your customer, be it a millennial on Twitter or a customer of 30 years on a cell phone. Therefore we survey at any point during your customer journey or staff lifecycle whether in the contact centre, on social media, the web or following an email – even after a home or field-based experience.

We understand the importance of data
Just collecting surveys is completing less than half the job. We know that if you fuse the additional data you have about customers, staff or prospects, survey results turn into the kind of information that can change the course of a company foreverOur DataFuse API adds intelligence from your CRM, Data Warehouse and other data sources to our survey results, giving a true 360 degree view of your company performance at every touchpoint.

customer feedback survey

We make feedback actionable
Unless you act on your customers’ feedback – and tell them – they won’t respond the next time, and their insight is lost. As we focus on real-time feedback, we use real-time alerts, response triggers and data feeds into your other systems, to show you are responsive.

We work in tandem with our CX experts
Our Insight Team of CX experts will bring together our survey data, your disparate CX survey data silos, as well as customer data held in external systems, to get a single view of the complete journey taken by your customers.  The in-depth reports show you what is driving your customer satisfaction, retention, brands, NPS scores and shows you your weak and strong customer journey points.

VIRTUATell is expert in the field of automated customer feedback survey and software solutions. Our unique offering means we’re best in class when it comes to collecting feedback via online, chat, SMS and phone channels. Whether you need consultation advice and experience or real-time cloud or on-premise solutions, VIRTUATell already has the answers.


That’s what we can offer at VIRTUATellthe expertise and specialist knowledge on how to turn the Voice Of The Customer® into profit, via your contact centre or your field-based staff.